Ok Go – KOKO, London

I just had the best night of my life.

I’ve been a fan of Ok Go since high school (oh god, over 10 years now) and have always wanted to see them live.  Every single time they would tour, I was in the wrong part of the world.  When they went to Louisville?  I was in London.  The last time they came to London?  I was home for two weeks in Louisville.

Heartbreaking stuff.

Last night, I finally got to see these guys play at KOKO and it was, without a doubt, the best gig I’ve been to with some of the best fans.  Because the show was sold out we got to Mornington Crescent obscenely early to case the joint and see if there was anyone waiting in line already.  Not a soul.  Luckily, we’d scoped out what was around online ahead of time and went for lunch at the Lyttelton Arms’s branch of Ruby Jean’s, an American-style diner.  After a gluttonous lunch and lots of beer (it was raining, there was still no queue, it was justified), we headed over to KOKO around 5 as a few people had turned up.  We spent the two hours wait chatting with two couples who were very lovely.  We combined umbrella forces and everyone managed to stay at least half dry.

Once inside, KOKO is massive and it’s ridiculously easy to get lost.  I’d done my research and knew that for a short chick like me, the first level balcony would be the way to go.  I’d see everything, I wouldn’t get jostled around and it would be an all around more enjoyable experience.  We could have been front row on the floor though… kind of regretting that now.  We were right next to the VIP/Reserved area which was fine.  There were a few times where it was hard for me to see but truthfully I was dancing so much I wasn’t too bothered.  One guy in the VIP area was totally cool and kept bringing us free drinks–not a bad thing!  See what I mean by great fans?  Sometimes you go to concerts and the fans are horrible (Hanson fans, I’m looking at you) so it was a nice surprise!

Let me tell you, I have never been to a concert where I knew all the words to every single song and sang them at the top of my lungs.  I danced so hard at this show that N was shocked and I’m sore a day later.

Particular highlights for me were This Too Shall PassNeeding/GettingTurn Up the Radio and Get Over It.  Every song was flawless, energetic and so much damn fun to listen to.  I’m not afraid to admit that when lead singer Damian Kulash came out into the crowd and sang Last Leaf I teared up a bit.  After every few songs Ok Go would answer audience questions (hilarious) and just generally chat to people.  Very fun!

A few photos… excuse the iPhone camera quality.  I wasn’t concerned with taking too many photos–I wanted to enjoy myself without worrying about getting the perfect shot.






If get the chance to see Ok Go live, don’t question it.  Just do it.  I know I won’t be waiting another 10 years to see them again.

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2 thoughts on “Ok Go – KOKO, London

  1. Very good review! It was nice to chat to you too. The time in the queue flew nicely even though it was raining. Hope to see you at the next concert.

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