New Feature – The Weekly Watson

Starting next week I’ll be doing a new feature called ‘The Weekly Watson.’

Who’s Watson? What the hell is this?

Let me start by saying you have Dan Pashman’s food podcast The Sporkful to blame/applaud for this (let’s be honest, it’s all about whether I die from food poisoning or not).  This week’s episode is all about using data in the kitchen and whether or not IBM’s super-computer (Watson) can be relied upon for recipe suggestions based on food pairings ‘fed’ to it from website Bon Appétit.

It was an interesting concept that I, as a tech geek, food lover and blogger felt I had to try out and document.  That’s ‘The Weekly Watson,’ kids… me trying out dishes that will maybe work, but more than likely won’t.  I’ll tell you what ingredients I gave Watson and what the options on offer were (yes, you get options).

So let me know your thoughts on ‘The Weekly Watson’ and by all means send in your ingredient suggestions.  The weirder the better!  *Sigh* I’ll probably regret saying that… the first recipe next week involves me boiling an avocado, after all.

Want to know more about Watson, and his other functions?  He’s not just a chef, you know. 

If you love to eat or love thinking/talking/daydreaming about food like I do, I can’t recommend The Sporkful podcast enough.  It’s hilarious, interesting and some of the stuff Dan Pashman comes up with is brilliant.  They’ve only recently done a riff on Serial and investigated food theft from an office fridge.  Great stuff.

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