Six years

542946_10151122214286994_366647349_nDear N,

Well, we’ve made it another year. I have no doubt we’ll be saying the same thing in another 10, 15 and 20 years.  It’s funny how you get to be certain about things like that.

Full disclosure, as it’s our anniversary: you drive me nuts. There, I said it. No one knows how to irritate, annoy or anger me as easily and as much as you do. On the flip side, no one knows how to turn that all around as quickly as you do either. So I suppose I should admit you’re talented. Or something. But I swear to god, if you leave one more used glass in with the clean dishes I’m going to scream. You’re probably doing it right now.

Outside of driving each other to the brink of insanity, there are so many things we’ve done in the past six years.  We’ve traveled (a lot), bought our first real couch/table/chairs/shelves etc, started going to bed at reasonable times, had stints as vegetarians, eaten our respective weights in chocolates, watched loads of movies, had more belly laughs than I can count, had some cracking fights, spent many weekends on the couch/in bed, taken care of each other when sick (many, many times) and I know that I’ve loved each other every single second of it.

We’ve still so much left to do.

I feel like we should make a bucket list or something.

One thing I know we’ve both never done? Had expensive champagne.  Not the £10 a bottle swill, I’m talking the good stuff–your Moet or Bollinger or Krug.  Tonight, I’m fixing that.  When you get home there will be a nice bottle of Taittinger chilling in the fridge to celebrate our anniversary.  It’s no Krug, but payday is still three days away–you’ll have to settle.

That’s one to mark off the list.

Love always,


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