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If you’ve been reading TLD for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of spa London.  They’re a great, affordable and really friendly spa chain in London.  I’ve been to the Wimbledon location quite a few times now for treatments and also to relax in the thermal spa area.

spa LONDON LogoLast week, Gail from their PR team got in touch about new treatments on offer at their Bethnal Green location in the historic York Hall building.  She asked whether I’d be up for reviewing the new ‘Signature Cleopatra’s Milk & Honey Ritual’ treatment, along with extra time in the thermal spa–it had been a tough week so I of course said yes!  I did have to resist the urge to line my eyes in khol and bedeck myself in jewels a la Liz Taylor’s interpretation of the Egyptian queen.

Having never been to York Hall, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect.  Down some well worn stone steps and into the belly of the impressive building, spa London was created as part of a massive refurbishment of already existing Turkish baths.

Wimbledon and York Hall are two very different locations, style-wise.  While Wimbledon is bright, airy and very open feeling, York Hall has a much more cozy, warm and private vibe.  I suppose preference depends on your mood! One thing that I really liked about York Hall was that they do have ‘Women Only’ days, and my treatment just so happened to fall on one of those days. I’ve never been made to feel uncomfortable on any visit to spa London, but it was kind of nice to know there weren’t going to be any men around.  It allowed me to relax just that tiny bit more.

Though the locations are very different, the same professionalism applies to both sites.  Staff were very friendly, welcoming and took time to explain everything to me despite how busy it was when I arrived as the spa opened for the day. York Hall is definitely more buzzy than Wimbledon due to it’s location, but in spite of that it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Ahead of my treatment I spent about an hour in the thermal spa–similar to the one in Wimbledon but with different options.  I loved the two steam rooms–I prefer the humidity and the steam to the dry heat of the sauna.  The two rooms held different scents which were gorgeous and helped with the slight bit of congestion I’d been having.  To cool off, there’s a plunge pool which I wasn’t brave enough to try.  I did use the monsoon shower a few times to clean off though!

On to the important bit… the treatment!  The ‘Signature Cleopatra’s Milk & Honey Ritual’ is new to spa London and uses products from the French/Moroccan brand La Sultane de Saba, a brand I’ve come into contact before.  The treatment description on the website says:

Inspired by Cleopatra’s bathing ritual thought to have preserved her youthful beauty. A full body wash and scrub helps to deeply cleanse body and soul before a luscious milk and honey mixture is poured onto the body and a nourishing hair treatment coats the head and scalp. Whilst the goodness sinks in, a face and scalp massage is performed sending you into a hypnotic state. You are then veiled in a mist of rose and orange blossom before a milk application massage is given.

Sounds gorgeous, no?

Oh, it was.

The whole thing started off with a hammam style cleansing.  Black soap, stuff of miracles, was rubbed onto my body and my therapist used a kessa glove (basically a mitt that feels like sandpaper) to slough off all of the dead skin leaving me perfectly clean and super smooth.  Despite the rough nature of hammam, I’m actually one of those weird people who actually quite enjoy them!

After the cleansing, a masque of honey, ginger and other goodies was applied to my back to help draw out impurities and to also smooth and hydrate the skin.  While that soaked in and worked its magic for half an hour, I was treated to the most amazing face and scalp massage with warm, proper shea butter.  Goodness me!

My therapist left me to shower and after that I got a full rub down with the most amazing scented lotion which I could smell up until I went to bed that night.  Lush stuff.

I can safely say that I was so well looked after and pampered at spa London’s Bethnal Green that, despite the Wimbledon branch being right down the road, I’ll most certainly be entertaining the thought of going back soon.


This review is not in exchange for payment however I was offered the treatment and thermal spa experience free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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