Holiday Reading… Help!

I have a problem.

A book problem.

N and I are heading off to Seville soon, and I haven’t put together a bunch of books to read.  Normally by now I’d have a list and a ‘collection’ on my Kindle all ready to go.

This year?  Nada.  I’ve got some interesting review books that’ve been sent my way but, well, we’re flying Easyjet/Ryanair and I’m pretty sure I’d have to pay to use my oxygen mask in an emergency, so I ideally would rather take my Kindle.

And it’s not that my Kindle isn’t loaded… oh no… I’ve got a lot of books on there.  But the problem is that I’ve got so many I’m slightly overwhelmed.  I know the only one I plan on definitely reading is Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?: (And Other Concerns).  Other than that?

Totally stumped.

So I need your help… give me your best summer reads!


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