Six Years Later…

I’ve lived in London over six years now and tomorrow scares me.  The uncertainty of moving to a town I’ve never been to in a state I’ve never set foot in terrifies me.  Moving into a house with no furniture terrifies me.  Moving on to a new job terrifies me.  Life is just one big terrifying ball of crazy right now.

Regardless of the terror and the crazy, this time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane to DC.

The last few weeks have brought many ‘lasts’… last fish and chips, last trip to Colchester and so on.  The past few days have brought on even more… last commute to work, last trip over Battersea Bridge, last night out with work people, last day at work, last curry, last trip to Meza, last shopping day/lunch/dinner with H, last trip to the pub, last night in our flat.

It’s painful seeing all of these ‘lasts’ come and go, seeing the flat empty out, handing back the keys and seeing the last six years of our lives reduced to a few boxes and suitcases.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next.



4 thoughts on “Six Years Later…

  1. All the very best, Steph, and do keep us posted about the next stage in your life journey – really rooting for you. You’ve done the challenges and fresh starts before – you can do it again! Claim your new life. Go Girl!

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