Decision time

I’ve come to a point where I’m into a routine enough to start blogging regularly again, which is great stuff.   I’m having lots of adventures right now and have so many things going on that I want to share!

Except, well… I’m not in London anymore. And there’s my problem.  Do I create a new blog?  Do I change the name/logo/etc of this one?  Or do I just keep writing under The London Diaries?

What do you guys think?

Steph x

3 thoughts on “Decision time

  1. I would consider possibly rebranding, but keep this blog. That way you don’t lose readers or mess up your google analytics. You could even adjust the same to something kind of similar like, “Beyond the London Diaries.” Just throwing ideas out there. LOL. Good luck in your new home and welcome back to the states!

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