Snowmageddon 2016

Who’d have thought that, living in Central Virginia and having 60 and 70 degree temps throughout December would put me smack in the middle of a historic snowstorm?  Not this girl!  I spent the whole week poo-fooing the forecast and being a total naysayer.  Nick spent the whole week praying for snow.  I guess he won, though he was regretting it as we shoveled the driveway this afternoon.  I was so woefully unprepared for the storm that I had no gloves, snow boots or even a coat good for shoveling snow in!  Never mind that we had no salt, no shovel and no damn common sense to know not to bother going to Walmart the night before Jonas hit.  Thank goodness for good neighbors willing to lend shovels and such.

Regardless, living in small town VA during a snowstorm has its advantages.  You go nowhere.  You see no one.  You can binge on Parks and Recreation in pajamas you don’t change out of the whole weekend without feeling guilty.  You can do tequila shots with your husband to “keep warm”.  Not a bad shout.

All in all, I’d say we were landed with about a foot and a half… the snow came up to my knees so I’m basing it off of that.  Scientific leanings, me.

Anyhow, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter–some photos of the snowy glory!


Today was spent digging the car out and watching loads of ice and snow fall off the roof.  Despite my hatred for snow, I would love another day like yesterday, huddled up under blanket, drink in hand and dozing off to the TV.  Hmmm… I think a nap is in order.  Football IS on, after all.


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