Fresh Faced – Origins Haul

My skin has been in an awful state the last few months.  The stress of moving internationally, starting a new (and sometimes super stressful) job, hard water and no skincare routine at all have really taken their toll on my face.  I even went so far as to swear off makeup for a while which helped with my blepharitis, but not my oil patches, flaky patches, clogged pores and breakouts.

Back when I was in a routine (way back in London-land), my brand of choice was Origins.  Pricey, but good.  When I moved, I was at the end of most of my products and, being limited to a couple of suitcases, I didn’t replenish.  I took my Night-A-Mins with me and that was pretty much it.

Yesterday, finally, I decided to give in and headed into the Origins store in Charlottesville (while Nick geeked out in Game Stop).  I walked out $100 lighter, but with some amazing products that are already making a difference even one day on.


Never A Dull Moment – Exfoliator

My consultant at Origins was great.  She took a look at my skin and we talked about my various issues and how contradictory they were–oily spots and dry spots, for example.  She recommended Never A Dull Moment to start my rescue regime.  This isn’t your typical exfoliator.  It’s super gentle and it smells amazing.  She recommended that, instead of using in the normal way, I slather on a thin layer as I would a mask and take a nice hot bath, allowing my pores to open up.  Then after a bit, gently wash it off my skin.  I did just that, and my skin felt super smooth and fresh.

Out of Trouble – Mask

This mask purports to help clear skin up in a mere ten minutes.  Since my skin had so many different problem areas, we both thought this mask would work the best.  It’s super cleansing (and even smells almost medicinal) but you only leave it on for ten minutes, so it doesn’t get the chance to dry out your skin.  I put it on straight out of the bath while my pores were still open and skin was just slightly damp.  I wasn’t expecting much difference but after rinsing off the mask, I was pretty impressed to see that the redness in my cheeks had gone down and my face just looked brighter.

Make A Difference + – Moisturizer

Normally in the evening I’d be putting on my Night-A-Mins nighttime moisturizer, but I was so excited to try this one I decided to give it a go.  Again, this smells amazing–I don’t think I’ve met an Origins product that I don’t like the smell of!  The consistency is more gel-like; I felt like I needed less to cover my face.  It took a bit longer to set in, but once it did, my face felt super happy.

Bonus round:  Freebies!

The great thing about Origins (besides their products) is that they’re not afraid to let you try stuff out.  In addition to Out of Trouble, I was interested in two other masks: Drink Up Intensive and Clear Improvement.  Drink Up Intensive is an overnight mask that’s supposed to give even the driest skin a moisture boost.  Clear Improvement is a charcoal mask with some serious cleaning power.  She sent me home with two sample tubes to try out.  I’m going to have to resist the urge to do one every day!

What are some of your favorite skincare products or brands?  I’m looking for mascara that’s good for someone with blepharitis at the moment, so any suggestions in that realm are super appreciated!

(Note:  Review and thoughts are honest and my own opinion.  I was not given any products or moo-lah in exchange for a review.  That being said, if Origins would like to send me stuff to review, I’m not gonna say no!)


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