Introducing… Three Piece Heart

After much thought, soul searching and planning, I’m pleased to share the blog’s new look and new name!  I didn’t feel like The London Diaries was still the right fit.  TLD encapsulated nearly six years of my life in London—from reviews to ramblings, recipes to photos and everything in between.  Originally started as to keep friends and family updated on my life ‘across the pond,’ TLD spawned into so much more and served its purpose well.

Now?  Well, now I’m in Virginia and in a whole new phase of my life.  The lack of identity here on TLD was a big reason for the radio silence over the last few months.  I needed time to disconnect and figure out where to go with this, and even whether I wanted to continue.

And I do.  I do want to continue.

I’ve toyed with new names over the last month now—there have been many, but last week I hit on one that I mulled over all weekend.  I kept coming back to it, running it through my mind and testing it out.  I asked a few people what they thought and the feeling was overwhelmingly positive.

That brings me to Three Piece Heart, the new name for The London Diaries.

The meaning behind the name is pretty simple… I’ve lived three places so far in my life: Kentucky, London and Virginia.  Each of those places has a piece of my heart and always will.  Thus, Three Piece Heart.  (Lord help me if I ever move somewhere else.)

As far as content goes, I don’t see much changing around here.  There’s lots of exploring around VA to be had and I fully plan on writing about our adventures.  I’m also working on getting back into book reviewing–daunting to say the least in a new market where I have zero contacts.

I’m not going to lie… hitting “purchase” on the new domain and “save and publish” on the new theme and layout was very hard and horribly bittersweet.  But here’s to new adventures, eh?  The London Diaries is just a small space in one of the three pieces in my heart… Oh god… going cliche and sentimental over here.

So?  What do you guys think?  The layout, colors and general feel will change a bit over the coming weeks.  I’ll have a new logo soon as well, so still lots to be done!

Leave some love!

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