Reset Button

Everyone has a reset button… you know, that one thing that you do that makes the world seem fine and your problems seem minuscule? It’s that one thing that puts everything else into perspective and after, you just feel OK again. For some, it’s a spa day and massage. For others, it’s a vacation. My reset button used to be a long hot bath with a glass of wine and a good book. That’s still true, I do feel more human after, but I’ve found something that works even better.

My reset button is about 35 minutes from home—Skyline Drive. Skyline Drive runs through the amazing Shenandoah National Park and is a mammoth 105 miles of breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our first weekend here, while a friend was ferrying us around, he suggested we make time and head up to Skyline to check out the fall colors that were just starting to come out in the leaves. We kept putting it off and then things kept coming up and in the end we missed the fall peak. We were disappointed, but not for long. No matter what time of year, the view is spectacular.

We’ve been four or five times now since October now. Every single time we go, I always come away feeling refreshed, my mind calm and my heart happy. My stress melts away… I can’t describe it any other way. I love that I live somewhere with a place like this that I can go to whenever I want. It’s just magical.

We’re really looking forward to summer when we’re able to pack up a picnic dinner after work and head up to watch the sunset. It’s too cold for that craziness right now!

What’s your reset button? What do you do or where do you go to help you feel real and right again?

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