Veggie Recipe Roundup – Week One

It’s day one, week one, of giving up meat.  Last night Nick cooked me one of my all time favorite Persian meals, khoresht-e-bademjan which is slow simmered chunks of beef and eggplant in a sour tomato stew.  It’s amazing, and it was a nice comforting way to say goodbye to meat for a while.

Like a lot of people, I tend to stick with things when I write them down.  I thought I’d share my first veggie week recipes–I’m pretty excited about all of them.

Monday:  Taste and See’s Classic Gazpacho with Spicy Grilled Shrimp (I’m still doing seafood) – Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish *cold* soup.  No cooking involved, just some chopping and blending.  It’s perfect for the 90ish temps we’ve got going today.

Tuesday:  We’re with friends (I think) so I’ll most likely bring along a veggie burger from the supermarket with a side salad.  Easy ’nuff.  If we’re not with friends, I’ll probably end up doing that anyhow.

Wednesday:  Mexican Street Corn Burrito Bowls from Chelsea’s Messy Apron, because I’m all about some burrito bowls.  I’m worried about missing out on the Mexican action, so I slipped this one in.

Thursday:  Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Figs from one of my favorite cookbooks, Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem.  We omit the figs–I’m not a fan and they’re a pain to find, for whatever reason.  I’m also going to roast some eggplant and brussels sprouts to go on the side for this one.

Friday:  Spicy Courgette Pitta Pockets via BBC GoodFood.  We haven’t made this one in so long that, to be honest, I’d actually forgotten about it!  GoodFood is one of my favorite recipe websites; most of their recipes are a safe bet.  This one is no exception.

Breakfasts are fruit salads or smoothies depending on the day.  For Monday and Tuesday lunches, I have two days worth of The Pioneer Woman’s Veggie Stir Fry which was a hit for dinner a few months ago.  Wednesday and Thursday’s lunches will be Pesto Pasta Salad from PopSugar.  And finally, Friday is good ol’ PB&J… another thing I haven’t had in a long time!

That’s it.  That’s week one!  I’m super excited about all of the new recipes I’m trying, along with the old ones I’m rediscovering.  I still want your suggestions though!  Let me know your favorite veggie meals!

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