New year and all that…

Well I’ve been a bit crap at this the last few years, haven’t I?  I went from constantly planning, blogging, reviewing, reading and being involved in a wonderful online community in the U.K. to zilch, zippo, nada. It was like as soon as the hubbub from moving to the U.S. died down, so did my words and creativity. It’s been a years long writing slump all around.

Very, very soon I’m going to be going back to regularly posting book reviews. There’s a lot going on in my life right now and I desperately need some stability as well as a healthy distraction.  Reading and reviewing has always been the answer.

I’m also planning a redesign of the site (possibly a logo as well) and will start reengaging in the book blogging community. That’s later down the line. First, I want to get back to regularly posting reviews.

See you soon,


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