Muse Paintbar – Paint Your Pet Night

This weekend, Nick and I went to a “Paint Your Pet” session at Muse Paintbar here in Charlottesville.  I’ve been dying to try them out ever since the studio opened up last year–drinks and painting… what’s not to love?  Neither of us are very artistically inclined so we weren’t expecting much from our masterpieces, and the thought of painting our buns was daunting.

We weren’t to worry though–Muse takes care of everything from pre-sketching your pet on canvas to breaking down the process step by step.  The Muse Charlottesville team were so welcoming and fun and we got quite of attention as “the bunny people.”  Heather was our (very talented) instructor and she kept things moving along without feeling rushed and was on hand to help.  There were also several assistants floating around offering tips and suggestions.

We had a great time and would definitely love to go back!  Muse can be found in nine states here along the east coast and have a massive calendar of sessions ranging from family friendly to wine glass painting.

Now for photos!

Fez’s before and after
Tig’s before and after

I don’t think we did too bad in the end!


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