Why you should be on the Book of the Month Bandwagon

I love Book of the Month.  I’m not even gonna lie–I log on first thing in the morning on the first of every month, often before I’m even out of bed, to see what the selections are.  I know they’re going to be a wide range and, a lot of times, out of my normal reading comfort zone.  I love that.  Since I started with BOTM, I’ve read some amazing novels that I otherwise would have passed by.  Here’s a peek at my BOTM shelf:

BOTM Shelf

Nice, right?

Some months I know straight away which book I want.  Other months, it takes me a few days to figure out.  You’ve got until the 6th of each month.  And on rare occasions, I can think of only one, none appeal or strike me.  Do I lose out by not choosing a book?  Nope.  That credit just rolls over to the following month.

What else is there to love?  How about the fact that you can order up to two additional books at a discounted price of $9.99 each?  We all know that new release hardbacks cost a heckuva lot more than that!  Case in point?  I added the new Kristen Hannah to this month’s box because I was torn by it and another book for February’s selection.

2018-03-01 14_32_48-Book of the Month

You can also “gift” a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  It’s perfect for those bookworms in your life–I can vouch for that!  My youngest sister was gifted a 3 month subscription for Christmas and really liked it.

If you’re interested in joining up, be sure to use my BOTM unique link.  If you join, you’ll get a free book–bonus!!!

Happy Reading!

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