Review of Hanson’s String Theory

This is probably less of a review and more of me going on about how awesome Hanson’s Wolf Trap show was on Saturday night, so bear with me.

String Theory at Wolf Trap was my fourth time seeing Hanson–a band I have unashamedly loved since I first heard Mmmbop on the radio as a kid.  Remember the agony of waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could record it on a blank cassette?  Those were the days!  My first time seeing them was at the Kentucky State Fair the night before leaving for my freshman year of college.  Second was at Coyote’s in Louisville.  Third was the infamous free show at the 100 Club in London in 2011.  But String Theory was something completely different to what I was used to.

I was expecting their music to be played alongside an orchestra–they had been teasing that ahead of the tour’s launch.  What I didn’t expect was for the songs to be completely redone with the emphasis placed on a classical interpretation.  The music was so much more elaborate and layered than what I was thinking it would be.  And let’s be honest, there’s something magical about hearing songs you’ve been singing since you were a preteen played by the National Symphony Orchestra.

They played several songs I knew, but there were quite a few I didn’t which was refreshing.  I’m not a fan club member anymore, so some of the exclusive songs were new to me.  I cannot wait for the studio album to be released this fall!  You can pre-order physical and digital versions and special packages on the Hanson website.

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Wolf Trap was one hell of a venue, and it fit perfectly for this show.  It’s a shame the ladies behind us were more interested in talking about their love lives/their friend’s love lives/ANYONE’S love lives very loudly, so the first half was a little hard to hear and enjoy… I had to work pretty hard to tune them out.  If it was a song they didn’t know, they rudely talked through it.

Other than that, the show was perfect!  There were a couple of songs I really would have loved to hear recomposed–JulietUnderneath and Madeline would have all been so cool to hear.  Juliet and Underneath already have that sort of orchestral vibe about them, so maybe they were too obvious of a choice?

If you’re looking for the setlist, look no further than the tracklist for the studio album that’s coming out this fall.

Reaching For The Sky (Part 1)
Joyful Noise
Where’s The Love
Dream It Do It
Chasing Down My Dreams
Tragic Symphony
Got A Hold On Me
Yearbook (I was so excited to finally hear this one live!!!)
Siren Call
Me Myself And I


Reaching For The Sky (Part 2)
This Time Around
Something Going Round
Battle Cry
You Can’t Stop Us
Broken Angel
What Are We Fighting For
No Rest For The Weary
I Was Born
Sound of Light

Are you checking out String Theory?  I’m thinking about possibly going to the Louisville show in November.  My sister’s baby is due that week so I may be home for it anyhow!

Hanson - String Theory Dates


One thought on “Review of Hanson’s String Theory

  1. How long was the show? Did it start on time? I am going to watch their show in the UK but I don’t want to stay overnight in Birmingham. I would need to catch the train back. Thanks 🙂

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