Books I’ve Loved: Tearjerker Edition

  Trying something a little new here... my first ever video! Let me know what you guys thought and what I can improve on.  I'd like to use videos in the future for this monthly post. Links to all of the books featured in the video below. The Great Alone - Kristin Hannah (full review) Me … Continue reading Books I’ve Loved: Tearjerker Edition


Books I’ve Loved: High School Edition

Looking back and trying to remember what books I loved in high school was not the easiest thing ever.  I read... a LOT.  Not as much as other bloggers, but I read enough that I have trouble keeping track of what I read and when.  Thank goodness for sites like Goodreads! High school, for me, … Continue reading Books I’ve Loved: High School Edition

New Series: Books I’ve Loved

I recently started following the fantastic  Tomes with Tea book blog after stumbling across a post about Amy's favorite books as a teen.  I loved the idea of revisiting some of my past book loves and, since imitation is the best form of flattery, I've decided to start a new series here on Three Piece Heart called … Continue reading New Series: Books I’ve Loved