Can you spot the signs of stroke?

As family and some friends will know, The Stroke Association is a charity close to my heart.  In 1997, my granddad suffered a stroke and it changed all of our lives.  Thankfully he survived but the effects have stayed with him since. In the past I've done events to raise money for The Stroke Association, but … Continue reading Can you spot the signs of stroke?

Steph does… volunteer work with FoodCycle

I've been looking for a local charity with a cause I can get behind to volunteer with for a while now.  Via the black hole that is the internet, I stumbled across the group FoodCycle. The aim of FoodCycle is to work to end food wastage all while providing a community space for the vulnerable … Continue reading Steph does… volunteer work with FoodCycle

Fancy a Quick Read?

Happy International Book Giving Day!  Er… and Valentine’s Day!  But really… it’s all about the books! Speaking of books, I want to tell you about a little gem of a charity I’ve discovered that’s aimed at getting people into reading, no matter how little time they have to do it or how intimidating picking up … Continue reading Fancy a Quick Read?

Happy New Year… starting it off right

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm going to be totally honest and come right out and say it:  over the last few months I've gone from being a lean, mean running/healthy machine and turned into a bit of a... well... lump.  I attribute this to a few factors, the major one being that I have no … Continue reading Happy New Year… starting it off right

We interrupt this NaNoWriMo post…

for something a bit different! Today was The Descent at Battersea Power Station.  In the end I raised £150 for The Stroke Association; a huge thank you to everyone who donated!  You made the day totally special and made a massive difference in the recovery of stroke victims. Now, for photos! The Descent was one … Continue reading We interrupt this NaNoWriMo post…

She’s at it again!!!

First it was running a mile for Sport Relief.  Then it was agreeing to run 10k as part of a triathlon.  Then it was a day of climbing 40ft poles and zip wiring through the countryside.  Now?  Well… it seems that I’ve committed myself to abseiling (rappelling) down the side of one of London’s most … Continue reading She’s at it again!!!