An Engrish Spam Delight

I really love the spam filter on this blog for two reasons, really. For one, it stops all the crappy spam and bot stuff from making it onto my blog comments... fantastic. The second reason I love the aksimet spam filter is because, while it saves my blogs from being filled with weird messages that … Continue reading An Engrish Spam Delight


It’s over, over, over, over and done!

I am DONE with my NaNoWriMo novel.  I hit 50k this evening, the ultimate goal and, while my story is nowhere near finished plot-wise, I've hit the 50k and I'm going to stop for a while.  I need to take a break from intense writing, at least for a while.  I may pick back up … Continue reading It’s over, over, over, over and done!

Less than a week to go…

...before I throw myself off of Battersea Power Station.  Errr... okay... abseil down BPS. For probably (not) the last time, I'm going to throw the link up for my JustGiving page.  Donate £1, donate £10... whatever you can!  It all makes a huge difference.  I'm up to an even £100... can we make it to £125? … Continue reading Less than a week to go…

Why do we keep having these conversations??

So in the last 24 hours, in addition to Friday's conversation about children/dog names, we've had two more "holy-hell-did-he-just-really-say-that" conversations.  Or maybe not conversations, maybe it's more like words coming out of his mouth and me just sputtering and all flabbergasted.  Whatever. So last night, while flipping through the tivo guide and looking for trashy … Continue reading Why do we keep having these conversations??

She’s at it again!!!

First it was running a mile for Sport Relief.  Then it was agreeing to run 10k as part of a triathlon.  Then it was a day of climbing 40ft poles and zip wiring through the countryside.  Now?  Well… it seems that I’ve committed myself to abseiling (rappelling) down the side of one of London’s most … Continue reading She’s at it again!!!

I’m beginning to think my husband doesn’t get me

(Alternate title:  Or why I should be banned from even thinking about Ebay.) Conversation with N in bed this morning: Me:  Sooooo... maybe I might've bought something on Ebay last night. N:  Groans What? Me:  Oh, just another dress. N:  sighs  You're getting addicted that, you know. Me:  Nuh uh.  cuddling up behind him  It … Continue reading I’m beginning to think my husband doesn’t get me

T Minus 48 Hours and Counting!!

I know I haven’t been around much on here over the last few weeks… I’ve even neglected my TILTs!  There’s just been so much going on… so much drama, work, training in the gym, socializing and so on that I just haven’t had enough time or brain power or the emotional capacity to say much of … Continue reading T Minus 48 Hours and Counting!!