Yesterday, my heart hurt. To think of how many times I’d been on that bridge in Westminster, both on my own and with Nick, really, really upset me.  I cried a lot last night. London is still one of the places I consider home and for something so awful to happen in a spot I’d … Continue reading Yesterday

Guest Post: Top 4 Swimming Pools in London

Swimming is one of the best kinds of exercise because it uses many muscle groups, rarely results in injury and provides an excuse to find out what your crush looks like in a swimming costume. Seriously though, swimming strengthens the respiratory system and kicks your metabolism in to gear, helping you break down that winter … Continue reading Guest Post: Top 4 Swimming Pools in London

The best sleepover ever…

As you'll already know, N and I were guests at Friday night's Waterstones Sleepover event at their flagship branch in Piccadilly... and it was the best sleepover I've ever been to! We got there a few minutes before 9PM, pyjamas in hand, and were greeted by the Waterstones and Airbnb teams.  They had a spread … Continue reading The best sleepover ever…

Exciting news…

You've probably already heard the hilarious story about American tourist, David Willis, getting trapped in the Trafalgar Square branch of Waterstones (a bookstore).  If you haven't, here are the basics:  Willis was browsing on the upper level at the end of the day for about 15 minutes.  When he came back downstairs the shutters were … Continue reading Exciting news…

Steph does… volunteer work with FoodCycle

I've been looking for a local charity with a cause I can get behind to volunteer with for a while now.  Via the black hole that is the internet, I stumbled across the group FoodCycle. The aim of FoodCycle is to work to end food wastage all while providing a community space for the vulnerable … Continue reading Steph does… volunteer work with FoodCycle

Steph explores… Peckham

It's really no secret that N and I don't get out much.  After a while of doing the same old stuff, you get in a bit of a rut... home, work, home, weekend (sleep), work, home, etc.  And when we do decide to venture outside on the weekends, we know where we like and we … Continue reading Steph explores… Peckham

London Bucket List

As of later this month, I’ll have been living here in London for five years.  Five.  That’s half of a decade.  And what have I done here in London for the last five years?  Other than work, not nearly as much as I wanted.  There are loads of things I’ve always thought ‘oh that’s cool, … Continue reading London Bucket List