5 Reasons to Love Living in London

I’m constantly moaning about living in London, just ask my husband.  From the dreary weather to non-stop city life in general, living in the capital can get a girl down.  This morning on the bus I started thinking about how one day N and I plan to leave London to move back to Kentucky and … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Love Living in London


Sport Relief – I need your help!

Have you donated towards my mile run for Sport Relief 2012 yet?  If not, head over to my donation page and do so!  It only takes a few minutes and you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you've donated to a wonderful cause... and that you're that many pounds closer to seeing me run a … Continue reading Sport Relief – I need your help!

February 2012 Book Wrap Up + Fundraising Update *Edited to include another Superstar!*

I just realized this morning that I failed to do my usual book wrap up at the end of last month. I have to say, February was a 'low-yield' month bookwise... there was a lot going on and a lot of just general tiredness which kept me from reading as much as I normally do. … Continue reading February 2012 Book Wrap Up + Fundraising Update *Edited to include another Superstar!*

Taking the first step

Nearly two weeks ago at the gym, thanks to the encouragement of my trainer, I jogged a mile.  To a lot of people, that probably isn't a big deal but it was my first mile jogged.  Ever.  And then the next day?  I did it again.  Two days later?  I did it again.  I've jogged … Continue reading Taking the first step

Love London – Lush

I know I'm totally late with this, but it's been one of those really lackluster weeks.  I've been more tired than normal and there's been more drama than you can shake a stick at.  But I'm charging through and bringing you my Love London. This week, my Love London is Lush--a very fantastic, magical store … Continue reading Love London – Lush

Love London – Debates

I know I said yesterday that was going to yammer on about the virtues of double decker buses, but again, something else has come up that is fantastic and interesting and, well, historic for the UK.  I've mentioned before that the general election (for MP's, Prime Minister, etc) is coming up on the 6th of May.  … Continue reading Love London – Debates

Kentuckians do it better…

Just a quick note on how much I love and miss Kentuckians, and how (in general) they're probably the most amazing, friendly people out there. It's crap outside... the rainy drizzle crap that is second nature to London, the crap that's not worth juggling an umbrella but you get wet when you don't. And I … Continue reading Kentuckians do it better…