Happy Birthday, N!

A big, super Happy Birthday to N today who I know is stressed out about turning 30 next year.  So for his benefit, here's 29 reasons why N should be happy and not worried at all to be turning 30 next year. He's married to one bodacious babe (ie ME) He has a fantastic, secure … Continue reading Happy Birthday, N!


Why do we keep having these conversations??

So in the last 24 hours, in addition to Friday's conversation about children/dog names, we've had two more "holy-hell-did-he-just-really-say-that" conversations.  Or maybe not conversations, maybe it's more like words coming out of his mouth and me just sputtering and all flabbergasted.  Whatever. So last night, while flipping through the tivo guide and looking for trashy … Continue reading Why do we keep having these conversations??

Three years… a letter

Dear Nice (do you remember when I called you that in that first email, oh so long ago?), Three years ago, I put on a dress, you a suit, and we waited in separate rooms (in agony) for the Justice of the Peace to show up over an hour late, in a pickup truck with … Continue reading Three years… a letter

Cake Pops… you’re doin’ em wrong…

For our Thanksgivmas celebration back home in KY, N got a really cool, awesome, yummy kitchen gadget as a gift from my grandparents.  He got the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and boy did he love it and, let's be honest here, so did I!!! The very next day he was cake popping away and making … Continue reading Cake Pops… you’re doin’ em wrong…