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Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

Y’all.  I just had the best breakfast ever. Not kidding.  And I LOVE breakfast so that’s saying something. Back when we first moved to Virginia, I was busy scoping out places to try in Charlottesville and stumbled across Ace Biscuit and Barbecue.  I think it might have been on one of those “Best of” lists,… Continue reading Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

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Fresh Faced – Origins Haul

My skin has been in an awful state the last few months.  The stress of moving internationally, starting a new (and sometimes super stressful) job, hard water and no skincare routine at all have really taken their toll on my face.  I even went so far as to swear off makeup for a while which… Continue reading Fresh Faced – Origins Haul

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Carter Mountain Orchard

While I continue to ponder yesterday’s conundrum, I thought I’d go ahead and start posting about what we’re up to in the meantime, otherwise it’ll all pass by and I’ll forget or get wrapped up in something else (like my new obsession with revamping old furniture… watch this space). Last weekend, N and I ventured… Continue reading Carter Mountain Orchard

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Humans of Central Appalachia

I think it’s fair to say I’ve been fairly busy lately.  Between a nightmare inducing time at work, dealing with visa stuff, cranking out the odd book review, bingeing on brilliant podcasts and books as well as coordinating everyday life so we don’t go without food and clean clothes, I’ve been spending my time doing… Continue reading Humans of Central Appalachia

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Dark Place to Hide Blog Tour & Review

Exciting times, folks!  I haven’t been part of a blog tour in ages so when AJ Waines got in touch to see if I’d be interesting in reviewing her newest book, Dark Place to Hide, as part of her tour, I of course jumped at the chance! You’ll probably remember AJ Waines from her guest post… Continue reading Dark Place to Hide Blog Tour & Review

Weekly Watson

Weekly Watson: Sour Chicken and Tarragon Stew

Oh Watson, I’m not sure where your ‘location’ malarkey is coming from.  First there were the ‘Persian’ Avocado Patties and then we had last week’s ‘Jamaican’ pasta offering.  Now you’re telling me I’m cooking ‘Nashville’ Tarragon Chicken??  There is nothing in this dish that remotely makes me think of Nashville! After last week’s strangely yummy pasta both… Continue reading Weekly Watson: Sour Chicken and Tarragon Stew

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spa London, York Hall

If you’ve been reading TLD for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of spa London.  They’re a great, affordable and really friendly spa chain in London.  I’ve been to the Wimbledon location quite a few times now for treatments and also to relax in the thermal spa area. Last week, Gail from their… Continue reading spa London, York Hall