Are we or aren’t we?

There was a bit of a breakdown in the daily blogging/photo posting towards the end of last week.  Life, as ever, got in the way but we still successfully stuck to the meat-free diet for a full week.  I will still post up the photos/recipes for the Jamie Oliver BBQ Baked Beans (OMG these were … Continue reading Are we or aren’t we?


Meat free, you and me

N and I are both meat eaters--we love a good steak.  The other night, we stumbled across a vegetarian episode of The Hairy Bikers' Best of British and everything just looked so darn tasty.  That got us to musing about vegetarians and what it was like to be one.  How could they not crave bacon?  … Continue reading Meat free, you and me

The Shack in the Back – BBQ restaurant review

N is turning Southern on me.  My suave, posh British boy now wants nothing more than a slab of BBQ ribs on his plate with extra BBQ.  He even went and bought his own smoker over the summer so that he could replicate real American BBQ.  I love that man. Not to put down the … Continue reading The Shack in the Back – BBQ restaurant review

El Acapulco – Mexican restaurant review

N and I have been in Kentucky for the last two weeks spending time with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  After a deluge of snow and ice we decided to strap on our snow boots and take a break from the cabin fever and have some alone time.  Maybe it's because I'm reading Oh … Continue reading El Acapulco – Mexican restaurant review

Restaurant Review – Meza, Tooting Bec

You might be surprised to hear that moving to London was a huge cultural shock for me, despite the same language, similar way of life and so on, mainly in the food department. N’s family is a veritable cultural mish mash… his mum’s family is Spanish and his dad’s is Iranian. All of a sudden … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Meza, Tooting Bec

“Where’s the beef?”

The beef,* my friends, is in Central London, just off of Oxford Street on a little side road called Welbeck Street in a dirty little dive called Meat Liquor. N heard of the restaurant as many others had--via word of mouth.  As a matter of fact, the roaring success of the place has been based … Continue reading “Where’s the beef?”