spa London, York Hall

If you've been reading TLD for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of spa London.  They're a great, affordable and really friendly spa chain in London.  I've been to the Wimbledon location quite a few times now for treatments and also to relax in the thermal spa area. Last week, Gail from their … Continue reading spa London, York Hall

Ok Go – KOKO, London

I just had the best night of my life. I've been a fan of Ok Go since high school (oh god, over 10 years now) and have always wanted to see them live.  Every single time they would tour, I was in the wrong part of the world.  When they went to Louisville?  I was … Continue reading Ok Go – KOKO, London

The best sleepover ever…

As you'll already know, N and I were guests at Friday night's Waterstones Sleepover event at their flagship branch in Piccadilly... and it was the best sleepover I've ever been to! We got there a few minutes before 9PM, pyjamas in hand, and were greeted by the Waterstones and Airbnb teams.  They had a spread … Continue reading The best sleepover ever…

Steph (and N) go to… Meatopia!!!!

I'm still working on the (mega) post wrapping up our amazing trip to Seville.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on what N and I did yesterday...  Oh, oh friends.  N and I have been waiting for this day for months... me even longer than that as I bought the tickets as a surprise for … Continue reading Steph (and N) go to… Meatopia!!!!

Anniversary Night Out

So last Thursday was our 5th wedding anniversary and we decided to make a night of it.  And what a night it was!  London has so many amazing things on offer--places to eat, things to do and shows to see. For dinner, which was N's choice, we went Spanish and headed for Brindisa in Soho. … Continue reading Anniversary Night Out

spa London Review

Every now and again I get a hankerin' for a pamper day--a day to just be on my own, relax and get a nice massage or facial or some sort of nice little treat.  Late last year I discovered spa London's South Wimbledon location which is conveniently just down the road from me.  Affordable and … Continue reading spa London Review

Visiting London on a Budget

I had a request for this post a while back from a few friends who were thinking of travelling to London.  Unfortunately the trip fell through and I never got the chance to complete and post this article!  I've dug through the 'drafts' folder, dusted it off and here it is... just for you!     London is … Continue reading Visiting London on a Budget