My comfort zone

This post is based on a prompt from the Curvy Girl Guide September prompt list.  If you’d like to take part, you can find the full list of writing prompts here.    Today's prompt is:  Comfort food feeds the soul.  But what is your beauty equivalent of comfort food?  From your favorite sweater to your must-have … Continue reading My comfort zone

Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)

Throughout September, many of my posts will center around a topic from the Curvy Girl Guide Community's monthly list of writing prompts.  This month, Brittany's list is themed around fall and 'back to school.'  I'm really looking forward to sharing some more personal/wacky/meaningful thoughts with everyone as well as meeting new bloggers through this.  If you'd like to take … Continue reading Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)

Want to be a part of The London Diaries?

I'm planning on taking August off from blogging and blog promotion.  I need a bit of a break, frankly, as well as some time to focus on personal stuff. In the meantime, I'd like to open up The London Diaries for guest submissions--this is your chance to be featured on (hopefully) your favourite blog!  In addition … Continue reading Want to be a part of The London Diaries?

Sunday, lovely Sunday

I think I've officially hit adulthood... Last Sunday, after a lazy morning of coffee and reading and a long walk with the husband (as is our Sunday routine), I realised something really alarming.  Sunday is my favourite day of the week.  I must be growing up. Why Sunday and not Saturday, you ask? True, as … Continue reading Sunday, lovely Sunday

Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole

My life began with a funeral. Mama liked to say grief drove her to the “indiscretion” she’d had while her husband was down at the church, prayin’ for his mama’s soul to rest in peace.  My real daddy was a mechanic at the garage in our small town, fixin’ up broke down vehicles.  Mama’s beat up … Continue reading Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole

Holy ever-lovin’ heck!

In case you hadn't already noticed, I totally get down-home-Kentucky-style when I get excited.  Or angry.  Or drunk. Yeah. ANYWAY I'm really excited to announce that I won this week's Speakeasy!  Yes!  Me! So what does that mean?  Well: I get a supercool badge to display proudly (below) I get to write the first line … Continue reading Holy ever-lovin’ heck!

I must be doing something good…

...because I've just been given my first ever blog award!  It's the "I Moustache You a Question" award and it was kindly bestowed on me by my blogga-from-anutha-mutha Danielle over at The Life and Times of a Mom.  We're basically destined to be blog besties, despite the fact we live a bajillion miles away. The … Continue reading I must be doing something good…