Want to be a part of The London Diaries?

I'm planning on taking August off from blogging and blog promotion.  I need a bit of a break, frankly, as well as some time to focus on personal stuff. In the meantime, I'd like to open up The London Diaries for guest submissions--this is your chance to be featured on (hopefully) your favourite blog!  In addition … Continue reading Want to be a part of The London Diaries?

Sunday, lovely Sunday

I think I've officially hit adulthood... Last Sunday, after a lazy morning of coffee and reading and a long walk with the husband (as is our Sunday routine), I realised something really alarming.  Sunday is my favourite day of the week.  I must be growing up. Why Sunday and not Saturday, you ask? True, as … Continue reading Sunday, lovely Sunday

Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole

My life began with a funeral. Mama liked to say grief drove her to the “indiscretion” she’d had while her husband was down at the church, prayin’ for his mama’s soul to rest in peace.  My real daddy was a mechanic at the garage in our small town, fixin’ up broke down vehicles.  Mama’s beat up … Continue reading Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole

Sweet Kiwi – Speakeasy #109

It surprised me when she started to talk; I hadn’t expected her to take up my offer so quickly without any questions, without hesitation. I watched as Katerina dug her thumbnail into the flesh of an orange and sent a fine mist of citrus into the air. It smelled of summer and warmth and reminded … Continue reading Sweet Kiwi – Speakeasy #109

What’s that smell?

The smell was noticeable, wafting from across the room where my nephew sat, face scrunched up and red, grunting.  Crap... I knew what that face meant.  I put the remote down and called over to him, “do you need to use the potty?”  My sister was trying in vain to toilet train the kid.  They’d … Continue reading What’s that smell?

Happy International Women’s Month!

Happy International Women's Month to all you ladies out there and to the men who love you as well. I'm trying something rather special this month on The London Diaries and theming all of my posts around IWM.  It's an exciting month and there's a lot going on from the WOW13 (Women of the World) festival at the Southbank Centre next … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Month!


I have become my Memom, even though I can’t afford real tissues that fluff up gently from the box like a papery, snow white flame.  No, toilet paper has to suffice.  My Memom’s number one rule in life is “go everywhere with tissues in your pocket or purse.  You never know when you might need … Continue reading Tissues