WWW Wednesday – May 9, 2018

Well... my reading slump continued for a couple of weeks there... not normal for me at all!  I think I just had so much going on that it was harder than normal to carve out time for reading.  But it looks like I've got my mojo back! WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by … Continue reading WWW Wednesday – May 9, 2018


Guest Post – Anthony Neil Smith

The Method to My Madness: Writing Edition By Anthony Neil Smith It begins with coffee. Every day begins with coffee. Only two cups, with cream and fake sugar, as I settle down to watch some news while my eyes adjust to the new day. Then I approach the shrine of my goat head skull and … Continue reading Guest Post – Anthony Neil Smith

What I Read: April 2018

I have no clue what my malfunction is right now.  I started the month off super strong but then hit a serious slump.  It's taking me longer to get through Circe than normal and I've had to DNF a couple of review books.  Wasn't Mercury in retrograde or something?  No? Books Read:  6 The Girl in … Continue reading What I Read: April 2018

WWW Wednesday – April 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday, folks... we're halfway through the week.  I feel like I'm reading a little slower this week and I'm not 100% sure why.  Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary, so not much reading done then, I'm afraid!  Is it just me not getting through too many pages?  I'm having trouble focusing... Anyhow, on with … Continue reading WWW Wednesday – April 18, 2018

Review: Only Human (Themis Files #3) – Sylvain Neuvel

Only Human (Themis Files #3) - Sylvain Neuvel Publisher: Del Rey Books Release Date: May 2018 Rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Synopsis:  In her childhood, Rose Franklin accidentally discovered a giant metal hand buried beneath the ground outside Deadwood, South Dakota. As an adult, Dr. Rose Franklin led the team that uncovered the rest of the body parts which together … Continue reading Review: Only Human (Themis Files #3) – Sylvain Neuvel

Review: Flat Broke With Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia – Jennifer McGaha

Flat Broke With Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia - Jennifer McGaha Release Date:  January 2018 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Synopsis:  A charming memoir of one woman’s unexpected journey from country chic to backwoods barnyard  Just as the Great Recession was easing in some parts of the country, Jennifer McGaha experienced an economic crisis of epic proportions. Her home … Continue reading Review: Flat Broke With Two Goats: A Memoir of Appalachia – Jennifer McGaha

Review: Social Creature – Tara Isabella Burton

Social Creature - Tara Isabella Burton Release Date: June 2018 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Synopsis: For readers of Gillian Flynn and Donna Tartt, a dark, propulsive and addictive debut thriller, splashed with all the glitz and glitter of New York City. They go through both bottles of champagne right there on the High Line, with nothing but the stars … Continue reading Review: Social Creature – Tara Isabella Burton