A little bit of lovin’…

I don't think I've ever done a post about some of the blogs I read, and shame on me for that!  As a blogger, I love reading other blogs and interacting wth fellow bloggers.  I'm subscribed to quite a few on WordPress, Bloglovin' and by email so there's always something to look at.  I've selected … Continue reading A little bit of lovin’…


How awesome is my husband (and how geeky am I)?

On Friday, N said he had a surprise for me that should be delivered to my office at some point either Saturday or on Monday.  Surprises from N are usually pretty good, so I was envisioning flowers, chocolates, a million pounds in unmarked bills... y'know, the usual. Nope. My blog now has a card!!!!!!!!!! Is … Continue reading How awesome is my husband (and how geeky am I)?

Switchin’ it up!

So N and I are big foodies (you'd know it by lookin' at us!) and we're always looking for new recipes to try--especially ones from home.  I miss my 'Merican food somethin' terrible and there are days when this Brit stuff just doesn't cut it.  Up until now I've hit up the recipe book my … Continue reading Switchin’ it up!