My comfort zone

This post is based on a prompt from the Curvy Girl Guide September prompt list.  If you’d like to take part, you can find the full list of writing prompts here.    Today's prompt is:  Comfort food feeds the soul.  But what is your beauty equivalent of comfort food?  From your favorite sweater to your must-have … Continue reading My comfort zone

Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)

Throughout September, many of my posts will center around a topic from the Curvy Girl Guide Community's monthly list of writing prompts.  This month, Brittany's list is themed around fall and 'back to school.'  I'm really looking forward to sharing some more personal/wacky/meaningful thoughts with everyone as well as meeting new bloggers through this.  If you'd like to take … Continue reading Steph throws… a dinner party (a CGG writing prompt)