Guest Post – Anthony Neil Smith

The Method to My Madness: Writing Edition By Anthony Neil Smith It begins with coffee. Every day begins with coffee. Only two cups, with cream and fake sugar, as I settle down to watch some news while my eyes adjust to the new day. Then I approach the shrine of my goat head skull and … Continue reading Guest Post – Anthony Neil Smith


My Guest Post!

Hi ya'll.... I took a break from blogging here on The London Diaries to pop over to my friend Emma's blog and review The Striker's Chance by Rebecca Crowley!  Have a look!

Want to be a part of The London Diaries?

I'm planning on taking August off from blogging and blog promotion.  I need a bit of a break, frankly, as well as some time to focus on personal stuff. In the meantime, I'd like to open up The London Diaries for guest submissions--this is your chance to be featured on (hopefully) your favourite blog!  In addition … Continue reading Want to be a part of The London Diaries?