Weekly Watson: Sour Chicken and Tarragon Stew

Oh Watson, I’m not sure where your ‘location’ malarkey is coming from.  First there were the ‘Persian’ Avocado Patties and then we had last week’s ‘Jamaican’ pasta offering.  Now you’re telling me I’m cooking ‘Nashville’ Tarragon Chicken??  There is nothing in this dish that remotely makes me think of Nashville! After last week’s strangely yummy pasta both … Continue reading Weekly Watson: Sour Chicken and Tarragon Stew

Weekly Watson: Creamy Veggie Pasta

N and I have persevered with the Weekly Watson format after last week's weird Warm Avocado Veggie Patties.  This week's offering?  Well, Watson called it Jamaican Red Bell Pepper Zucchini Eggplant Fettuccine.  Another mouthful!  I like to call this one Creamy Veggie Pasta.  Notice I took out the Jamaican bit?  Well that's because I have … Continue reading Weekly Watson: Creamy Veggie Pasta

Weekly Watson: Warm Avocado Veg Patties

'Well, we're going to hell for boiling an avocado.' That was N's response to the first ever Weekly Watson... and I have to admit I shared his sentiment.  Strange instructions (but decent ingredients) made for a weird recipe.  But, in the name of... er... science (??) we persevered and made this week's recipe 'Warm Avocado Veg … Continue reading Weekly Watson: Warm Avocado Veg Patties

New Feature – The Weekly Watson

Starting next week I'll be doing a new feature called 'The Weekly Watson.' Who's Watson? What the hell is this? Let me start by saying you have Dan Pashman's food podcast The Sporkful to blame/applaud for this (let's be honest, it's all about whether I die from food poisoning or not).  This week's episode is … Continue reading New Feature – The Weekly Watson