Chickpea Stew with Lemon and Chilli Cous Cous

As promised, I'm posting the meatless meals from last week that I missed off due to life getting in the way.  One particularly amazing meal that I missed off was a recipe is adapted from (yet again) Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals series.  Originally, this recipe is paired with super-yummy lamb meatballs but as this was … Continue reading Chickpea Stew with Lemon and Chilli Cous Cous


Meatless Day 3 – Fennel Soup with French Toast Croutons

I've probably mentioned it before but we're HUGE fans of Jamie Oliver.  After cooking with fennel for the first time a few weeks ago, I thought it might be nice to give it another go this week for our meatless venture.  In Save with Jamie (our new obsession) there's a brilliant recipe for Fennel Soup … Continue reading Meatless Day 3 – Fennel Soup with French Toast Croutons

Meat free, you and me

N and I are both meat eaters--we love a good steak.  The other night, we stumbled across a vegetarian episode of The Hairy Bikers' Best of British and everything just looked so darn tasty.  That got us to musing about vegetarians and what it was like to be one.  How could they not crave bacon?  … Continue reading Meat free, you and me

TILT – 30 January

This week has been a bit rougher so it's nice to actually sit down and come up with three really nice things that I'm thankful for this week. Date nights!  Last weekend (in addition to N's blokey-pamper-day that I booked him) I took N out for drinks and dinner in the city.  We hit up … Continue reading TILT – 30 January

Switchin’ it up!

So N and I are big foodies (you'd know it by lookin' at us!) and we're always looking for new recipes to try--especially ones from home.  I miss my 'Merican food somethin' terrible and there are days when this Brit stuff just doesn't cut it.  Up until now I've hit up the recipe book my … Continue reading Switchin’ it up!

Recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Navajo Flatbread

Last night, N and I went on a Jamie Oliver Recipease cooking course that I'd booked for us ages ago.  It was really fun, the wine was good, company was great and the food was even better.  Basically, the chefs show you how to cook a dish or two, let you loose at your own … Continue reading Recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Navajo Flatbread