Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole

My life began with a funeral. Mama liked to say grief drove her to the “indiscretion” she’d had while her husband was down at the church, prayin’ for his mama’s soul to rest in peace.  My real daddy was a mechanic at the garage in our small town, fixin’ up broke down vehicles.  Mama’s beat up … Continue reading Speakeasy #110 – Swimmin’ Hole


Sweet Kiwi – Speakeasy #109

It surprised me when she started to talk; I hadn’t expected her to take up my offer so quickly without any questions, without hesitation. I watched as Katerina dug her thumbnail into the flesh of an orange and sent a fine mist of citrus into the air. It smelled of summer and warmth and reminded … Continue reading Sweet Kiwi – Speakeasy #109

What’s that smell?

The smell was noticeable, wafting from across the room where my nephew sat, face scrunched up and red, grunting.  Crap... I knew what that face meant.  I put the remote down and called over to him, “do you need to use the potty?”  My sister was trying in vain to toilet train the kid.  They’d … Continue reading What’s that smell?

The Final Piece

(Note - Sorry about the second post today... I decided last minute to enter the speakeasy's weekly submission competition for the first time ever.  Next time I'll plan it out better... promise!) The magic was all in the finishing touches, the painter thought as he lightly stroked in the gold edges of the blood red … Continue reading The Final Piece