Review of Hanson’s String Theory

This is probably less of a review and more of me going on about how awesome Hanson's Wolf Trap show was on Saturday night, so bear with me. String Theory at Wolf Trap was my fourth time seeing Hanson--a band I have unashamedly loved since I first heard Mmmbop on the radio as a kid.  Remember … Continue reading Review of Hanson’s String Theory

Reset Button

Everyone has a reset button… you know, that one thing that you do that makes the world seem fine and your problems seem minuscule? It’s that one thing that puts everything else into perspective and after, you just feel OK again. For some, it’s a spa day and massage. For others, it’s a vacation. My … Continue reading Reset Button

Snowmageddon 2016

Who'd have thought that, living in Central Virginia and having 60 and 70 degree temps throughout December would put me smack in the middle of a historic snowstorm?  Not this girl!  I spent the whole week poo-fooing the forecast and being a total naysayer.  Nick spent the whole week praying for snow.  I guess he won, … Continue reading Snowmageddon 2016

Carter Mountain Orchard

While I continue to ponder yesterday's conundrum, I thought I'd go ahead and start posting about what we're up to in the meantime, otherwise it'll all pass by and I'll forget or get wrapped up in something else (like my new obsession with revamping old furniture... watch this space). Last weekend, N and I ventured … Continue reading Carter Mountain Orchard